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Holocaust Memorial Day

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On Thursday, 26th January a group of Year 9 students visited Rich Mix for a screening of Ari Folman's animated film 'Where is Anne Frank', organised by UK Jewish Film. When the film was over, students enjoyed a panel discussion between historian Mike Levy and film maker Jes Benstock, which went deeper into some of the themes the film explored. The event - which also involved four other local schools - provided the chance to reflect on the lessons of the past and to imagine a famous historical figure in a modern context. A huge thank you to our History department for such a valuable experience.

During an extended Form Time the next day, the whole school paused together to mark Holocaust Memorial Day - each form conducting its own prayer service. Students listened to and read aloud survivor testimony and reflected on how such an event was allowed to happen. As a community we remembered and prayed for those who were murdered, and together reaffirmed our commitment to opposing antisemitism and all other forms of discrimination.