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Year 10 Parents' Meeting 21st March

Year 10 parents’ meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 21st March between 4:15-6:30pm.  This will be an in-person meeting taking place at the school.

You will have the opportunity to make appointments with all of your child’s subject teachers. They will be able to give you feedback on all aspects of engagement and progress, in particular the results of the recent mid-year assessments.  There will be an opportunity for some parents to meet additionally with the heads of year if recent levels of student engagement suggest such an appointment would be beneficial.  


Appointments will be made on-line through the ‘SchoolCloud’ platform at the following web address:


Please complete the details requested at this homepage, using the same e-mail address that the school communicates with you through our parent mail system. Most parents will already be registered with the system.


You will receive a text over the next few days to let you know when appointments will be open.

Yours sincerely,


Matthew Rees

Deputy Headteacher